5th Amendment = Encryption?

A woman accused of bank fraud hopes to prevent the contents of her hard drive from being searched with encyrption. http://technolog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/01/23/10219384-judge-orders-woman-to-give-up-password-to-hard-drive If this were the case, it would quickly become impossible for the criminal justice system to prove a lot of their cases. Interesting theory. The 5th amendment says: No person shall be held to… Read More

Should There Be a Cyberwar Treaty, Part 2

In my previous article on whether there should be a cyberwar treaty, I argued that Cyberwar wasn’t like other types of conflict, and that it wasn’t likely that a treaty would ever happen.Being a lawyer, I like to play devil’s advocate, so here’s a different perspective. Jeffrey Carr, in his new edition of “Inside Cyber… Read More