The Privacy Bill of Rights

When it comes to the Federalist debates, I was always on the side that argued that creating a bill of rights would limit our rights rather than protect them. But, since we don’t live in that world, Congress is working on creating additional bills of rights (maybe this is just a fad). There was the… Read More

Porn Pirates vs. Copyright Trolls

We’ve spent the last 10 years hearing about the evil forces of the RIAA suing single mothers and grandparents without a computer. The entertainment industry has seen declining CD sales for a number of years. Whether this is attributable to piracy and programs like Napster is hotly debated. Behind the scenes, the RIAA has done… Read More

Should There Be a CyberWar Treaty?, Part 1

The Department of Defense released their Strategy For Operating In Cyberspace in July. In the document, they add Cyber to the traditional 4 domains…Land, Sea, Air, and Space. This paper raises the question, at least in my mind: Should there be a Cyberwarfare treaty? I think the short answer is a definite “Maybe.” I think… Read More